Our Story

Palmer Resources is a diverse, well established organisation in the mining and manufacturing industry, with  Palmer Industrial Minerals being a division of the Palmer Resources brand. We sprung to life in 2011 with ultra fine limestone milling commencing at our Mt Somers site, which later led to the acquisition of our Palmer Industrial Minerals plant and resources. We are nestled in the Harper Hills near Coalgate in the Selwyn District of Canterbury.

Here at Palmer Industrial Minerals we offer a wide range of products of ultra-fine lime to many diverse markets.

Our brand is synonymous with customer service excellence as well as delivering cost competitive, top quality products. We like to not only offer products but also solutions.

We are continually innovating and looking at ways to make our processes as efficient as possible to ensure customers are getting what they want, when they want it.

Having a dedicated and highly skilled team who are committed to their roles and the local community ensures that Palmer Minerals remains the successful organisation it is today.